baby fat

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A popular term for 2 poorly-studied clinical forms of female fat deposition
Adolescent medicine The fat that marks a girl’s prepubescent body and face contour—i.e., baby fat
Cosmetic surgery The extra ‘lipobulk’ that accumulates during pregnancy—i.e., baby fat

baby fat

Cosmetic surgery A popular term for 2 poorly-studied clinical forms of ♀ fat deposition–
1. The fat that marks a girl's prepubescent body and face contour, ie baby fat.
2. The extra tonnage/'lipobulk' that accumulates during pregnancy, ie baby fat, ne'er to lose. See Cellulite.

ba·by fat

(bā'bē fat)
1. Colloquial term for obesity in children or young adolescents that presumably will disappear with age.
2. Obesity in postpartum women.

Patient discussion about baby fat

Q. I'm 42 yrs old and am still trying to lose post baby fat. I have tried combination of meds to lose about 10Ibs. I exercise 5 times a week - walking and swimming but my extra pounds remains the same. My diet plan is good and I do loads of walking as well! I won’t eat snacks. I'm 42 yrs old and am still trying to lose post baby fat. I need some suggestion. Thank you.

A. My friendly recommendation is to consult a natural health physician and measure your PH level, follow his instructions and you will surely get the desired result soon. Another option is to try Chinese herb meds; where Chinese medicine is usually a bunch of herbs that are good for you anyways even if it didn’t get you the results. Chinese system of medication is safe without any side effects like rashes, allergy etc. But I never recommend self-medication.

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He has successfully implanted patients' own fat into the mid-face region to achieve that baby fat volume.
Baby fat cells formed at or before birth live inside the blood vessels that nourish fat deposits and lay waiting to form new fat cells, US researchers have reported.
Most of the baby fat has melted away, and the unique identity of what we now know as the SABR article is probably easier to discern than it was in the beginning.
Every time I look, I see young men - so young, some younger than my student daughter - with difficulty I see their faces, old disillusioned expressions on their surprisingly young faces; the baby fat still lingering in some.
And a recent Taiwanese study discovered that, when mixed with capsaicin in a test tube, baby fat cells die before maturing.
At the time we were also running a furniture store but we had to sell it, which got me very down, but mainly it was baby fat which I just couldn't get rid of.
It helped me tone up and shift my last 5lbs of baby fat.
By Shari Roan Baby fat, that term that conjures images of chunky thighs and thickly padded cheeks, is beginning to carry a new connotation.
Diligently guiding its readers through the expertise and knowledgeable strategies of the author, Lose That Baby Fat offers a thoroughly "reader friendly" understanding of how and what makes a body work to loose fat and weight after having a baby.
At Morehouse, John David shed the baby fat he had carried for most of his life and became the school's all-time leading rusher with 3,669 yards.
His dream is slim-hipped, Euro, Hedi Slimane-for-Diorish, but obsession extends it messily to include Luke Wilson, certain surfers, teens with baby fat, a young Rainer Werner Fassbinder, and supermodel Ivan de Pineda, black-and-white photocopies of whom Sameshima has taped into delicate wall-paper-like "screens.
Erika Christensen as baby sis Irene has more luck with her role as an intelligent ingenue struggling with baby fat and overprotection.