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Victor, Roumanian bacteriologist, 1854-1926. See: Babesia, Babès nodes.
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Are there then no other new-born babes in Zululand?
Remembering the death of her own little one, she clung desperately to the new babe, with one hand, whenever they were upon the march.
The babe crawled under the table and, turning, peered out cautiously.
The babe was staring out from under the table, his small face working in his excitement.
The babe sat with his feet dangling high from a precarious infant chair and gorged his small stomach.
Babe admits to her what's been going on but when she refuses to believe her, Babe plots with Jason to rob The Vic and leave.
My love and passion for writing is reflected in my music and my poetry and I am sincerely grateful that Mahogany decided to partner with the Blues Babe Foundation to help nurture young creative minds.
Babe readily agrees, but it becomes apparent that rather than get rid of the drugs, she and Dean have arranged to hide them at Blades salon.
In spite of my stupid mistakes, Babe somehow managed to pass Retrieving 101.
It is a real league, West Boylston kids can play in it, but it is not located in West Boylston and is not West Boylston Babe Ruth," Tavano said.
Entries for the North Wales Biker Babe competition, including a photograph and 50 word biography, should be emailed to david@themotorbikeshow.
Babe Didrikson was born on June 26, 1914, in Port Arthur, Texas, the sixth of seven children.