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A traditional healer in the Ifa system of divination in West Africa.

babalawo (bäˑ·bä·läˑ·wō),

n spiritual leader of the Yoruba people of Nigeria who is believed to have healing powers.
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The first Odu Ifa (Yoruba divination codes) that emerges when the Babalawo first divines for a woman will determine the name of the child.
The interview was one of those comedic affairs where the babalawo would speak nonstop for ten minutes and then someone in the room would translate his comments for me in ten words.
B]y casting the opele, the babalawo can, in a single toss, arrive at the necessary eight symbols to form a complete odu," thereby assisting clients to diagnose their problems and find appropriate solutions to these problems.
The country's leading 1,000 babalawos predicted global turmoil, including "coup d'etats," "sudden changes in political systems," "betrayal and usurpation" among top government officials, as well as falling farm and livestock production, and the break-up of agreements, wars and military interventions.
A babalawo, or priest, of Cuba's ritual-filled Santeria religion, Castellano wears a gold chain and has a TV and a telephone that stand out from the animal skulls, pigeon blood, melted candle wax and feathers that litter his dingy home.
One babalawo (priest) reports receiving 7-8 foreign visitors a week, who provide a nice income that thrusts many santeria practioners into the Cuban affluent class--those with cell phones and cash in their pocket.
Just as an abiku ignores and mocks the medicine of the fetish priest Babalawo, Sula does not "acknowledge" the community's counter-conjure.
In the 1741 rising of slaves and Irishmen, Cormac, a willing participant, saves the life of an African he had met on his transatlantic crossing, the babalawo (prince of spirits) Kongo.
A summary by Ilesanmi (1984) asserts that: 'the advocates or devotees of the other orisa seem to limit their pontification to their individual orisa while the babalawo goes beyond Ifa to legislate on all the ramificated aspects of Yoruba life'.