azure A

az·ure A

[C.I. 52005]
asymmetric dimethylthionine chloride; a blue dye used as a component of MacNeal tetrachrome blood stain and of Romanowsky-type blood stains; also used as a stain for mucins, nucleic acids, and mast cell granules; gives a metachromatic violet to red color to highly acidic substances in tissues.
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State of Michigan has granted Azure a tax credit valued at more than
With the establishment of its head office in Oak Park, Michigan, the State of Michigan has granted Azure a tax credit valued at more than US 1.
Kalamaras, Azure's Chief Financial Officer, said, "The combined amendment provides Azure a pathway to complete this highly strategic transaction with Marlin, and allows for a more customized financing approach to aid Azure in meeting its objectives for future growth.
Kalamaras served Azure as CFO since January 2013, playing an instrumental role in pursuing the company's strategic interests including the acquisition of Marlin Midstream Partners, LP ("Marlin") in February 2015 at which time he also became the CFO of the Partnership.
relationship with Azure as non-executive Chairman of the Board of Directors.
Adam Warby, Avanade CEO, said, "This agreement provides us with the unprecedented ability to deliver a full-range of services and solutions that reinforce the value of Windows Azure as the leading enterprise cloud platform.
ADAM is choosing Azure as an infrastructure platform in response to the growing needs of globally active enterprises engaged in customer experience management.
Fujitsu has positioned A5 for Windows Azure as a public cloud service in its FUJITSU Cloud Initiative, which systematizes the products and services it offers for the cloud.
Azure Circle Partners offer customers the benefit of structured consulting engagements that provide training and demos of applications on Microsoft Azure as well as helping them build new Azure based applications and migrate existing on-premise applications to the cloud.
Existing applications that already take advantage of Windows Azure can use Aspera and Windows Azure as a high-speed transport and storage platform.
Datacastle RED available to Microsoft's Windows Azure customers and ecosystem; Datacastle selects Windows Azure as preferred public cloud provider