axon loss polyneuropathy

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ax·on loss pol·y·neu·rop·a·thy

a type of polyneuropathy in which axon degeneration is the sole or predominant feature; it has many etiologies, particularly toxic and metabolic; nerve conduction studies show that it affects the amplitude of the responses but does not cause conduction slowing or block.
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Previously, the condition was attributed to Guillain-Barre syndrome, motor axonopathy, or axonal polyneuropathy, reported Dr.
Nerve conduction studies were indicative of an axonal polyneuropathy.
in press) performed the nerve biopsy to prove the axonal polyneuropathy.
Axonal polyneuropathy after acute dirnethylamine borane intoxication.
Less frequently, acute WNV infection has been associated with acute flaccid paralysis, which has been attributed to Guillain-Barre syndrome, motor axonopathy, or axonal polyneuropathy (4-6).
Myopathy, demyelinating polyneuropathy, and diffuse axonal polyneuropathy were not evident.
Diffuse axonal polyneuropathy was not evident, despite a slight sensory loss in the distal extremities.
2005) stated that the polyneuropathy with axonal polyneuropathy was verified by serial electroencephalogram and nerve conduction velocity studies.
Our time course of DMAB-induced polyneuropathy indicated an acute axonal polyneuropathy (Kuo et al.
These findings suggested a predominantly axonal polyneuropathy involving both sensory and motor nerves.
Additionally, the presence of a diffuse axonal polyneuropathy cannot be concluded from Holman's data.