axis of symmetry

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ax·is of sym·me·try

an axis through a particle (for example, a virus) on such a plane that, if the particle is rotated on the axis, there are two or more positions at which the particle appears identical.
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The experimental results show that the process of the component using the liquid metal flows, directed downwards along the vertical axis of symmetry of the crucible, the most efficient crucible has the form of a cone or a paraboloid of rotation, with the open narrow lower part resting of the component to be treated (Fig.
In the improved lined induction heater, the treatment of the horizontal surfaces of the metallic components was carried out by the formation of the vertical macroflows of liquid metal, directed downwards to the treated component along the vertical axis of symmetry of the induction coil.
Experiments have confirmed the possibility of formation of molten metal macroflows directed from top to bottom on the vertical axis of symmetry of the induction coil on the treated component in induction heating.
Closer examination reveals that this minimum is caused by fluid being displaced by the bubble primarily axially and only partially being replenished by liquid flowing radially towards the axis of symmetry.
There is a separation line, also parallel to the wall and nearer to the axis of symmetry in the case with the longer slip length, [r.
1], the pressure variation along the axis of symmetry and the corresponding entrance loss are shown in Figs.
16, the velocity along the axis of symmetry for various flow rates is shown in Fig.
The differential equations of bending-torsional vibrations of thin-walled beam having one axis of symmetry (Fig.
These equations are correct either for beams having one axis of symmetry and for beams having two axes of symmetry.
Suppose that the line y = 0 is not an axis of symmetry, or that the material displays different response in extension or compression.