axial projection

ax·i·al pro·jec·tion

radiographic projection devised to obtain direct visualization of the base of the skull.
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CT scan was performed keeping patient's head in supine position for axial projection with gantry and angle tilt 0[degrees]-10[degrees] in reference to orbitomeatal line, scanning through orbital region.
Radial, axial and tangential projections of the contact zone between the roller and work are made, then the radial projection area Sr, axial projection area Sz and tangential projection area St can be obtained, as shown in the Figure 3 ~ 5.
As shown in the Figure 4, the axial projection area can be expressed as Sz = arcsin [b/Rs] R[s.
The Ferguson or AP axial projection satisfies this request.
While the patient continued to receive IV tobramycin and ticarcillin, the radiologist rescanned his head, this time using a coronal projection rather than the standard axial projection (figure 6).
These projections include the Merchant method, the Hughston method, the Settegast method and the inferosuperior axial projection.
Moreover, the superoinferior axial projection results in image magnification unless a curved cassette is used.
The sinus series included a parietoacanthial projection (Waters method), lateral skull, PA axial projection (Caldwell method) and submentovertical projection (SMV).
This examination was performed as an AP axial projection, 45 [degrees] LPO position.
The axial projection and Grashey[1] positions are better suited for defining the extent of cartilage damage.