axial image

ax·i·al im·age

(ak'sē-ăl im'ăj)
radiology A view obtained by rotating around the axis of the body, producing a transverse planar image, i.e., a section transverse to the axis.
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5 In MSA-P the degenerative changes predominantly affect the basal ganglia, particularly the putamen seen as hyperintense rim at the putaminal edge, atrophy and hypointensity of putaminal body on T2WI while in MSA-C changes predominantly affect infratentorial structures like pons and cerebellum, seen as atrophy and hyperintense signals in pons, cerebellum and middle cerebellar peduncles with pontine hyperintensity (hot cross bun sign) on axial image,4 which was seen in both of our patient's MRI.
Initially, every electrode was advanced deeper into the prostate than the visualized axial image plane showing the target lesion's maximal extension.
The circular Hough transformation algorithm could automatically find the most probable ascending aortic circle in the axial image.
a) Sagittal image, (b) axial image of upper T12, and (c) axial image of lower T12.
Caption: Figure 5: (a) Precontrast T1W axial image showing primary mass (arrow) in the alveolar process of maxilla and mandible with bony expansion, (b) postcontrast T1W fat saturated axial image showing enhancing intraosseous mass in maxilla and mandible, the parotid, and infratemporal fossa (arrows), (c) coronal STIR image showing narrow external auditory canal (arrow), (d) coronal postgadolinium image showing mass in infratemporal fossa, the parotid, and external auditory canal (arrows), (e) axial T2W image showing hypoplastic pterygoid and masseter muscles (arrows), and (f) coronal T2W image showing concave right mandibular ramus (chevron) and hypoplastic condyle with extension of mass into the TMJ (arrow).
Caption: Figure 1: (a) Magnetic resonance T2 weighted axial image of the prostate tumor (left base of the peripheral zone) with line indicating a tumor diameter of 9.
C, E: (Post contrast sag and axial images) show intense homogeneous enhancement of the vertebra with enhancing paraspinal and epidural soft tissue components, better seen in axial image F, G: (DWI and ADC images) show facilitated diffusion with ADC value of 2.
A computed tomography axial image showing a 6 x 6-cm heterogeneous-density mass and sub-capsular hematoma involving the left kidney.
An axial image through the heart demonstrates the pericarditis.
Toshiba has developed a unique, helical cone-beam reconstruction technique based on the Feldkamp method for axial image reconstruction from helical scans.
CECT Abdomen axial image revealed irregularly dilated MPD (Fig: 1A & B yellow arrow) with a pseudocyst (Fig: 1A & B white arrow) in the tail of the Pancreas.
On the right, axial image of renal hilum showing no evidence of renal vein tumour thrombus and absence of any hilar nodes.