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As AWE continues to expand, Samsung will continue to increase its input.
AWE must therefore continually develop methods to verify the safety and reliability of nuclear warheads through a science-based programme.
The study shows that the feeling of awe can make a person feel more patient, willing to help and satisfied with life.
Nick Jukes has been a non-executive director of AWE since August 2010 and has made an extremely valuable contribution to the Company especially in the areas of construction management, project risk and commercial evaluation.
Awe will be working closely with Matt Menges, president of Menges Roller.
It's a good fit for AWE and where we're taking the company.
It is testament to the consistent quality of service the staff at Scantec have provided to AWE over the last 14 years on what are two very complex high security facilities.
Awe towards God is not the beginning of wisdom, but a sign of wisdom acquired.
Let's hope it doesn't take shock and awe to jump-start the state economy and enact reforms to create more effective and efficient government.
What will awe me is if even a few more citizens get involved in community organizing, in reclaiming a political process that is not only about voting but even more about holding our leaders accountable.
THE EUGENE children's museum Land of Awe hasn't even been built yet, but for one shining day this weekend, the interactive learning center will be open to the public.
Achy Obejas's new novel, Days of Awe, is a soulful, erotically charged, and densely woven meditation on public and private identity.