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His first astounding act upon coming amongst us was to present a pair of horses, worth 32,000 francs, to Madame Danglars; his second, the almost miraculous preservation of Madame de Villefort's life; now it seems that he has carried off the prize awarded by the Jockey Club.
He has awarded us for our kindness to him by embezzling our money; and he has taken to flight--in what direction we have not yet discovered.
don't expose me," said Jupiter, and awarded her the first prize.
After some years, when all but one had had judgment given against them, that one was awarded the estate, which he asked his Attorney to have appraised.
Of nights, and when alone, she had stealthy and intense raptures of motherly love, such as God's marvellous care has awarded to the female instinct-- joys how far higher and lower than reason--blind beautiful devotions which only women's hearts know.
Stelling had a fixed opinion that all boys with any capacity could learn what it was the only regular thing to teach; if they were slow, the thumb-screw must be tightened,--the exercises must be insisted on with increased severity, and a page of Virgil be awarded as a penalty, to encourage and stimulate a too languid inclination to Latin verse.
Scholarships awarded at NYC Finals in April of each year.
In the end, the judges awarded 56 Excellence Awards, 73 Merit Awards and one Student Award.
It was awarded to Kelly and Steve Rome, owners and operators of Rome's Your Independent Grocers.
VFA-82 was awarded the Top Hook Award for having the best landing grades among all squadrons in CVW-1 during their 2003-2004 deployment.
District winners are awarded a commemorative crystal globe and a year's free membership.