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A polysomnographically defined state not equal to any non-rapid eye movement (NREM) stages or rapid eye movement sleep. The awake state is characterised by alpha and beta waves, tonic EMG, voluntary rapid eye movements, and eye blinks; this definition of awake is valid only if the polysomnogram is matched by a resumption of a reasonably alert state of consciousness.


Fully aroused Sleep disorders A polysomnographically defined state not equal to any NREM stages or REMS: characterized by alpha and beta waves, tonic EMG, voluntary REMS, and eye blinks

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Q. Good morning! Anybody awake?

A. Hi Immi - Well, I'm very happy you came back and said hello. I hope you rested well and had a good night sleep. How are you doing these days with your Bipolar? Is this a good period?

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Mandelet sees that Edna is struggling with the fact that she has awaked to this reality, on the one hand, but must "think of the children" on the other.
As discussed above, during 6 weeks of 10% fructose in fluid, mean arterial blood pressure were measured every week in awaked animals by the non-invasive blood pressure module (NIBP pressure meter, LE 5001, V02/0402L, Panlab, Hardvard apparatus, Barcelona, Spain) and ECG was recorded in anesthetised animals [ketamine (70 mg/kg, i.
The text is Genesis 28:16: "And Jacob awaked out of his sleep, and he said, 'Surely the Lord is in this place and I knew it not.
31) Macduff's response to Macbeth's prompt entrance ("Our knocking has awaked him" [2.
42) To the modern reader this initial failure of resolved, other-directed loving attachment strongly suggests an attributed primal narcissism, as if, very obliquely, Eve is being prepared for sacrifice; but an alternatively directed enquiry may observe in the diction employed a preponderant density of end-stopped formations: "That day I oft remember, when from sleep / I first awaked, and found myself reposed, / Under a shade of flowers .
Upon this touch, "he awaked with great disturbance.
According to the corresponding TDMA frame, sensor nodes can be awaked and communicate with their cluster members.
Although still well below the yearly average, the Director of Agriculture in the Bethlehem Governorate said that the rainfall has awaked hope.
awo*ken \-'w[macron over o]-k[schwa]n\ or awaked \-'w[macron over a]kt\
That day I oft remember, when from sleep I first awaked and found myself reposed Under a shade of flowers, much wondering where And what I was, whence thither brought and how.
PAP: detection of ultra rare mutation depends on P* oligonucleotides: "sleeping beauties" awaked by the kiss of pyrophosphorolysis.