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The English-speaking inhabitants of Jamaica dubbed avocados alligator pears.
Avocados are rich but only moderately high in calories (about 150 to a three-ounce half).
This delicious ceviche features a trio of citrus flavors - grapefruit, orange and lime - that pair perfectly with California avocados and fresh shrimp.
Avocados From Mexico is committed to advancing consumer education about the benefits of avocados and their important role in a nutritious diet.
IT TURNS OUT AN AVOCADO A DAY keeps the cardiologist away.
I don't think you are watering too much, as avocados need to be kept well-soaked throughout the summer.
If that idea doesn't grab you, how about partially dehydrated avocado slices?
The last two import seasons have proven that Mexican avocados do not introduce pests," says Xavier Equihua, vice president of Washington, D.
STONELESS avocados will be sold on the shelves of a leading supermarket chain.
Clancy McMahon, a fruit buyer for a leading supermarket, said: 'It's a Eureka moment in the world of avocados.
Selling more avocados abroad, meanwhile, won't damage the domestic market.
In 2001, the US made further concessions by adding another 19 states in the central and northern US to the list of those allowed to import Mexican avocados and expanding shipments to a period between mid-October and mid-April (see SourceMex, 2001-05-16 and 2001-08-29).