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This is believed to be the first time that avocado pears have been retailed in purpose-designed packs.
MID-DAY: One 6oz/180g jacket potato, 1oz/30 grated cheese and watercress OR 1 egg, poached on one slice toast OR half an avocado pear, sliced, mixed with either 3oz/90g smoked chicken breast or 1 tomato, grated beetroot, lettuce and vinaigrette.
In the exhibition there are corners devoted to various titles: Mr Gumpy's Outing, which won John his second Kate Greenaway Medal in 1970, and Avocado Baby, telling of the tot who becomes a super-strong bully-basher on a diet of avocado pears.
I was picking all the little stickers from the Piggly Wiggly off my plums and my avocado pears and my peaches," said Ms.
But the retailer is also including more exotic fruit and vegetables such as mangoes, aubergines, kiwifruit, courgettes and avocado pears.
Canales was also quoted as saying that Japan will remove duties on avocado pears, mangos and other fruits as well as vegetables including tomatoes, asparagus and garlic.
They get tired of oranges, even of avocado pears and passion fruit.
We have told the multiples they can use cut price avocado pears, rock melons and other exotic imports as weapons to beat their opponents into submission, but if they use beef as well they will dismember domestic cattle production and force the overwhelming majority of slaughterers into packing imports instead," NBA chairman Robert Robinson has cautioned.
A trained nanny, Miss Baker had been staying in the hostel in Childers, Queensland, for three weeks, picking avocado pears at a local farm to earn some money.
I remember growing avocado pears from the stones by sticking three cocktail sticks, evenly spaced, around the outside of the stone and suspending it above a jar of water.
AVOCADO PEARS contain Vitamin E, mono- unsaturated oils for glossy hair and a clear skin, and magnesium.
CUSTOMS officers seized pounds 10million of cocaine found stuffed inside avocado pears.