auxiliary substance

auxiliary substance,

n inert substance added to a remedy to stabilize it. See also vehicle.
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1%-20% weight of at least one auxiliary substance selected from the group consisting of adhesion promoters different from flow-control agents, defoaming agents, light stabilizers, dyes, pigments, biocides, fillers and photoinitiators; wherein 2%-9.
By using potassium carbonate as an auxiliary substance for electrolysis, the 1500K produces no chlorine odor and rust, typical byproducts of chlorine gas.
The project will achieve its aims by: selecting algae with high dye capacity and potential for mass cultivation; improving the algae s dye content through optimising their growth conditions; studying the extraction conditions to optimise the amount of dye obtained; comparing different dyeing process and auxiliary substances needed to obtain satisfactory results; and assessing the fastness of the obtained natural dyes compared with synthetic dyes.
Professor Jouko VepsEaAnlEaAninen's research group at the UEF School of Pharmacy has developed a new method enabling an efficient removal of metal ions from solutions without the need to use any auxiliary substances.
5 Safer Solvents and Auxiliaries: The use of auxiliary substances (e.
After blending drug and auxiliary substances in a suitable mixer, the binder solution and the powder mixture were applied alternatively (Fig.

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