enrolled nurse

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en·rolled nurse

(en-rōld' nŭrs)
A second-level nurse who provides patient care under the direction of a registered nurse; in Canada, this title is graduate nurse.
Synonym(s): auxiliary nurse.
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The clinics were the idea of senior ophthalmology auxiliary nurse Parbinder Kaur and have been held at the temple since 2006.
Mum-of-four Aileen, a 34-year-old auxiliary nurse, said: "The children agreed to limit their time on their PlayStations and computers.
Pat became a pastry chef at Owen Owen before becoming an auxiliary nurse at both Walsgrave and Whitley hospitals.
Close friend Sue Bell, an auxiliary nurse at West Denton Turret Medical Centre with Susan, is organising an event at Westerhope Excelsior Social Club, on Wheatfield Road, Newcastle on September 25 to help Susan raise the minimum sponsorship.
In fact, as well as working in Countisbury Avenue, Edie was also a qualified auxiliary nurse - having completed her training in Newport, Edie worked in the old Cefn Mably Hospital in St Mellons, Cardiff, for more than 10 years where she helped care for the elderly patients.
An auxiliary nurse is alleged to have asked Brian Magill to be quiet before she returned to her station seat at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast.
They say the 67-year-old former auxiliary nurse is always thinking of others and going that extra mile to make life better.
And Evelyn, 67, a former auxiliary nurse who lives in Walton, said: "I'm delighted.
Ann Divers, an auxiliary nurse told how she saw his wife Elizabeth Walmsley, 65, knocking on the door of the bathroom opposite her husband's room.
Hairdresser Maria's friend Lisa Williamson, a 31-year-old auxiliary nurse, said: "They seemed like the model family.
Mrs Caldwell, of Stewarton, Ayrshire, an auxiliary nurse at Crosshouse Hospital, Kilmarnock, said: "It is infuriating.
Nick Birks, prosecuting for the Department of Social Security, said Senior had worked at Good Hope Hospital, Sutton Coldfield, as an auxiliary nurse since 1987.
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