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The option of ovarian transplant is not much encouraging and for autotransplants it requires only monozygotic twins, although it is still in research stage (38).
Studies on regeneration of heterotopic splenic autotransplants.
Other types of transplantation include autotransplants (a person's own organs or tissues are used for transplantation) and isotransplants (organs from one person are transplanted into another genetically identical person, like an identical twin).
Autotransplants for Hodgkin's disease in patients never achieving remission: are port from the Autologous Blood and Marrow Transplant Registry.
Controversy in multiple myeloma transplants: Tandem autotransplants and mini-allografts.
Non-cryopreserved peripheral blood stem cells autotransplants for haematological malignancies can be performed entirely on an outpatient basis.
Matthews, a University of Cincinnati surgeon who has performed numerous pancreatectomy/islet cell autotransplants, raised the troubling issue of patients in intractable visceral pain whose lengthy medical histories fail to document a clear history of pancreatitis.
1999) Recovery of chronic parkinsonisn monkeys by autotransplants of carotid body cell aggregates.
Silber said that he believes the appeal of this more patient-friendly ovarian transplantation could be wide reaching, extending beyond autotransplants for chemotherapy patients and even beyond allotransplants for patients with premature ovarian failure.
Only a handful of cardiac autotransplants have been performed, and in all of these cases, just a single chamber at most has been removed and rebuilt.