Polymerization without the use of external heat, as a result of the addition of an activator and a catalyst.


Polymerization reaction initiated chemically rather than by application of heat or light.
Synonym(s): cold-cure polymerization.

autopolymerization (ô´tōpol´imərizā´shən),

n (cold-curing), the accomplishment of polymerization by chemical means without external application of heat or light.
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2+]-primary amine redox process is deemed as a monocenter initiation, chain transfer of primary radicals (-NH*) and propagating radicals (PMMA*) to DMSO/DMF or MMA, or thermally induced autopolymerization of MMA may lead to free PMMA chains.
As there was no free PMMA formed during the polymerization due to chain transfer of propagating radicals or autopolymerization of MMA, the Ti[O.