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, pl.


(aw'tō-pō'dē-ŭm, dē-ă),
The distal major subdivision of a limb (hand or foot).
Synonym(s): autopod
[auto- + G. pous (pod-), foot]


the distal major subdivision of a hand or foot.


distal segment of a limb, comprising the hand or foot.
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Chris Nixon, general sales manager at the unique Hodgson Autopod Tower, said: "We constantly want to add customer service focused people to the business.
Hodgson launched the Autopod three years ago alongside Tony Whelan of Newcastle builder Whelan Construction.
As noted by Mark Herriott, traditional brewers remained popular in Midwest, while single-serve models such as the AutoPOD were very well received in the coastal areas and are expected to continue gaining popularity and market share.
Entegris' F300 AutoPod FOUP provides better than Class 1 protection of 25-wafer production lots.
has designed the F300 AutoPod wafer carrier specifically for the new 300-mm silicon wafers appearing on the silicon-chip market.
It was an easy decision for me to join Hodgson at their unique AUTOPOD Tower dealership at The Metrocentre" said Norman Shepherd, adding: "I have a nine-year commitment to the Mazda brand and to customers who have bought cars from me.
The glass tower is at the Gateshead Mazda site of car dealer Hodgson, near the Metrocentre, and was built by Autopod Solutions, which has the sole rights to market the towers in the UK.
The Entegris F300 AutoPod FOUP is designed to protect and transport silicon wafers in the semiconductor industry.
HODGSON have appointed Chris Wilson to lead up sales of Mitsubishi cars and light commercials from their unique Holly House site at the Metrocentre, the UK's first AUTOPOD Tower dealership.
The new F300 door brings extended functionality to the Entegris F300 AutoPod, providing the end user with advanced FOUP/loadport interoperability to support the growing demands of the 300 mm wafer market.
He set up Autopod Solutions UK with Tony Whelan, of Newcastle builder Whelan Construction, last year.
Entegris' F300 AutoPod FOUP provides the most predictable performance and lowest cost of ownership (COO) of any 300mm wafer-handling solution in the industry.