autophagic vacuole

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A variety of secondary lysosome that contains the remnants of mitochondria, ribosomes, or other organelles.
Synonym(s): autophagic vacuole


A membrane-bound intracellular vacuole that contains fragments of partially digested cell components; indigestible debris persists as lipofuscin.

autophagic vacuole

A vacuole that contains recognizable fragments of the ribosomes or mitochondria.
See also: vacuole
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In most cases, these inclusions were identified within muscle fibers that contained autophagic vacuoles.
The vast majority of autophagic vacuoles were highlighted with Bax antibody in all cases (Figure 7).
Autophagic vacuoles typically consist of a mixture of glycogen material, amorphous granular and fibrillary material, dense bodies, and multilaminated membranous structures.
Sterol biosynthesis inhibitors also induced ultrastructural changes in other organelles, such as the nucleus and plasma membrane, and promoted the formation of autophagic vacuoles.
Ultrastructural analysis also showed that compound (3) induced intense atypical cytoplasmic vacuolization and the appearance of autophagic vacuoles in L.