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Physiologically it includes the autonomically innervated organ systems.
In the present research, we sought to determine whether the subjects would autonomically discriminate the staring from the nonstaring (control) periods; indeed, they were able to do this in both phases.
The 10 million milestone represents the number of incidents addressed autonomically since the launch of IPcenter v3, IPsoft's management portal.
RIF's patent protected software enables business processes to be deconstructed, decoupled, distributed and autonomically managed within a highly distributed, diverse runtime environment in a location and platform independent manner.
Our experimental hypotheses were that, in Replications 1 and 2, the starees would discriminate the true staring from the nonstaring periods autonomically (electrodermally)--that their levels of spontaneous electrodermal activity during the staring periods would differ from those during the nonstaring periods.
Common network problems are proactively detected and remediated autonomically, in minutes, without human intervention.
Autonomically load balancing all data within the array in one click as new resources are added to the system, raising the performance and service-level availability of all volumes on the system.