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use of a machine designed to follow a predetermined sequence of individual operations repeatedly and automatically.


An automatically controlled operation of an apparatus or system by mechanical or electronic devices that take the place of human elements of observation, effort, and decision making.

laboratory automation

The use of clinical laboratory instruments that assay large numbers of samples with minimal human intervention.


n the use of a machine designed to follow repeatedly and automatically a predetermined sequence of individual operations. Automation is used extensively in preparing tissue for microscopic examination.
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Storage process automation is emerging at the top of the industry pundit agenda, replacing storage resource management (SRM) as the "next big thing" in storage trends, in part, their enthusiasm for automation is the storage industry's response to the broader IT industry initiative (vision) for on-demand or utility computing.
Traditionally automation has targeted large business and high-volume backup applications.
Alliance Facilitates Comprehensive Data Center Automation
We are aggressively staking out a leadership position in energy automation solutions," said Mike Stoessl, Cooper Power Systems Group President.
With the emergence of Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions, low cost tape automation will play an increasingly important role.
This move is part of a global restructuring of our company," said Robert Zeigenfuse, formerly president and CEO of Advanced Automation Associates, Inc.
Still another category of automation is the operational flow of data from one application server to another.
Clinical diagnostic laboratories in Europe realise that automation is immensely advantageous and is likely to be a one-time investment.
Forms automation offers an opportunity for almost any long-term care facility with even the most basic of PC's to enjoy significant economies today.
In laying out its roadmap for comprehensive Data Center Automation, Opsware defines integrated server, network and storage automation as critical to ultimately delivering complete application automation and management.

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