automatically tuned

au·to·mat·i·cal·ly tuned

(awtō-matik-lē tūnd)
Denotes an ultrasonic device that does not allow the clinician to adjust the vibration frequency of the instrument tip.
See also: tuning, manually tuned
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The Hunan satellite channel was automatically tuned to the Guangdong satellite channel and some viewers got blue or color-stripes while some saw antigovernment slogans and pictures, the report said.
Each of the DAB stations available in your area are displayed and the ones you want can be automatically tuned in and, for extra convenience, you can also store your top 10 DAB favourites - pounds 49.
The current loop is automatically tuned and a heat-monitoring algorithm allows the motor to operate safely at the edge of its performance envelope.
Gone are the days when everyone automatically tuned into the BBC for events like these.
The Si484x receivers' automatically tuned RF front-end circuitry adjusts to reject noise and amplify the target signal for exceptional sensitivity in weak signal conditions.
During the events, IT professionals will be able to see first hand how the StorTrends 3500i - which is uniquely optimized to support VMware ESXi and vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix Xen and Red Hat RHEV, among others - delivers solid state (SSD) caching, tiering and automatically tuned volumes capabilities within the same array for dramatic enterprise performance and reliability at an extremely affordable price point.
Broad NMR probe selection, including the high-performance OneNMRProbe at 400, 500 and 600 MHz that can be automatically tuned with the ProTune PZT module.
Automatic Frequency Control (AFC): The receiver is automatically tuned to the incoming signal, allowing the use of an inexpensive crystal without compromising the radio link.
for eBusinesses via a global processing network automatically tuned to
From a central master control panel or from a remote computer control and monitoring station, this transmitter can be pretuned or automatically tuned to deliver full carrier power at any frequency between 3.
The VGA, a new module fully integrated into the ONLINE transport platform, allows optical gain to be automatically tuned to optimal values depending on network topology and configurations.
Agfa's embedded OptiSpeed software ensures that scanner speed is automatically tuned to the maximum capabilities of the printer port interface on each computer.
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