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In a memorandum, the PSE noted that failure to comply with the structured reportorial requirements of the local bourse would result in the automatic suspension of the trading of the shares of the concerned company for a maximum of three months.
If the charge is admitted, an automatic suspension is imposed.
If the Independent Regulatory Commission agrees it was a sendingoff offence, an automatic suspension is imposed.
Elizalde noted that the court ruling doesn't necessarily mean an automatic suspension by the IOC against the country.
Dooc warned SSS member-pensioners non-compliance with ACOP will result in the automatic suspension of their pension.
SSS reminded its pensioners that non-compliance with the Acop will result in the automatic suspension of their pension on the month after the birth month of the pensioner or SSS member.
In the game against South Korea last month, Ezzatollahi brought his boot down on the head of a South Korean player, earning a red card from the referee and an automatic suspension from two games.
The Spanish Football Federation gave him an extra four games on top of the one-match automatic suspension for the ordering off but he has appealed the ban.
He will now face automatic suspension pending a hearing, according to National Anti- Doping Agency (NADA).
Kainen noted in some instances felonies can be malum prohibitum crimes for relatively minor offenses, such as picking up an arrowhead in a state park, and an automatic suspension in such cases can be harsh.
This penalty will remain on his record for a period of two years and the accumulation of nine or more penalty points in any two-year period will result in an automatic suspension.
You don't expect people you work with to treat you like that" He said that he consequently decided he would stop paying his subscription to the Labour group - which, after three months, attracts an automatic suspension.

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