automatic speech

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automatic speech

speech composed of or containing words or phrases, such as numbers, the alphabet, or greetings, that are overlearned and spoken rotely.

au·to·mat·ic speech

(aw'tō-mat'ik spēch)
Overlearned or low-content language that can be produced with little awareness of meaning, such as consecutive numbers, days of the week, verses, prayers, expletives, or other common expressions.
Synonym(s): nonpropositional speech.
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M2 EQUITYBITES-November 16, 2016-China Customer Relations Centers Buys Majority Stake in Automatic Speech Recognition Firm
Techniques for noise robustness in automatic speech recognition.
Tokyo, Japan, Oct 24, 2005 - (JCN Newswire) - NEC Corporation today announced that it has succeeded in the development of Japanese-English/English-Japanese, automatic speech translation software for single-chip multi-core processors for small devices such as mobile phones, capable of operation at high speeds with low power consumption.
Most important, says Vysym spokesman Samm Nadel, is the use of automatic speech recognition to simplify the loan process.
He showed that such "idiolectal" features of speech, obtainable from word transcripts, even errorful transcripts produced by automatic speech recognizers, could greatly enhance performance.
That's ASR as in "Market, Investment and Technical News of the Emerging Automatic Speech Recognition Industry"--ASR News' subtitle.
has released its new study, Automatic Speech Recognition for Telephony Applications: The World- Wide Market: 1995-2003, which provides revenue projections for speech telephony market sectors.
com/research/jfwn4d/global_automatic_s) has announced the addition of the "Global Automatic Speech Recognition Applications Market 2011-2015" report to their offering.
AppTek's product offerings include machine translation (MT) and automatic speech recognition (ASR) for a growing list of more than 23 languages; multilingual information retrieval with query and topic search capabilities; name-finding applications; and integrated suites providing automatic speech recognition and machine translation in media monitoring of broadcast and telephony speech as well as handheld and wearable speech-to-speech translation devices.
Such studies are motivated in part by the demand for practical sound separation systems, which have many applications including noise-robust automatic speech recognition, hearing prostheses, and automatic music transcription.
Fonix produces speech interface solutions utilizing the Company's proprietary neural network-based automatic speech recognition (ASR) and the highly reputable DECtalk text-to-speech (TTS).

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