automatic gain control

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automatic gain control (AGC),

a feature of some hearing aids that reduces amplification at high-input intensity levels.

au·to·mat·ic gain con·trol

(AGC) (aw'tō-mat'ik gān kŏn-trōl')
A feature of some hearing aids that reduces amplification at high-input intensity levels.
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Digital Automatic Gain Control (AGC) technology that allows for "Smart" amplification, optimizing the signal for lowest noise and highest throughput.
has introduced the next-generation differential digital gear tooth sensor with a two-wire back-biased package, peak detecting algorithems and automatic gain control.
The device also includes automatic gain control (AGC) that provides dynamic range of more than 35dB, and is fabricated in sub-micron complementary oxide semiconductor (CMOS) process for high performance.
Designed for easy installation, the receiver has automatic gain control, which compensates for variations in video gain or frequency.
It acquires all necessary analog signals including optical power reflected power, temperature and laser diode current These controllers have the capability to process and react to data in <5 [micro]s, resulting in up to a 200 kHz response rate in a typical automatic gain control (AGC) loop.
11 a/b/g transceivers, sigma-delta ADCs, automatic gain control circuits with bandgap and bias, high-speed I/Os, memory interfaces, and multi-GHz PLLs and DLLs.
Expanded preset storage allows users to save more settings, including wide dynamic range, automatic gain control, and infrared mode.
Incorporated on the AD9640 are digital features that reduce system costs by simplifying the automatic gain control (AGC) loop in the receiver.
The camera features 580 TV lines of resolution, fully automatic gain control, a 1/3-inch CCD sensor, and a lens focal length ranging from 5.

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