automatic exposure control

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1. the governing or limitation of certain objects, events, or physical responses.
2. a standard against which experimental observations may be evaluated, as a procedure identical to the experimental procedure except for the absence of the one factor being studied.
3. conscious restraint and regulation of impulses and suppression of instincts and affects.
4. a patient or group differing from the case or treated group under study by lacking the disease or by having a different or absent treatment or regimen. The controls and subjects usually otherwise have certain similarities to allow or enhance comparison between them.
automatic brightness control an automated exposure device used in radiology; it senses light and adjusts itself to produce a predetermined fluoroscopic density.
automatic exposure control a timer by which the exposure of x-ray film is determined by the radiographer but the length of exposure is determined by the equipment.
aversive control in behavior therapy, the use of unpleasant stimuli to change undesirable behavior.
birth control see birth control.
hemorrhage control in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as reduction or elimination of rapid and excessive blood loss.
infection control see infection control.
infection control: intraoperative in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as preventing nosocomial infection in the operating room.
motor control the generation and coordination of movement patterns to produce function; it may either control movements of the body in space or stabilize the body in space. See also postural control.
postural control motor control that stabilizes the body in space by integrating sensory input about body position (somatosensory, visual, and vestibular input) with motor output to coordinate the action of muscles and keep the body's center of mass within its base of support. An important aspect of postural control is the righting reactions. Called also balance.
stimulus control any influence exerted by the environment on behavior.

automatic exposure control



In radiology, an ionization chamber or solid-state device that terminates the radiation exposure at a preset level. It is used to optimize radiographic technique and maximize patient safety.
Synonym: phototimer.
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Exposure Control Automatic exposure control Film speed setting Auto DX for ISO 50 - 3200 Film advance Motorized auto advance; auto rewind at the end of the roll, mid-roll rewind by mid-roll rewind button Flash Built-in zoom type; Fill-in, Flash on/off, Night (slow synchronization) and Red-eye Reduction modes; recycling time: 7 sec.
It offers all required automatic image control functions, including automatic exposure control, automatic white balance, automatic band filter, automatic 50/60-Hz luminance detection, and automatic black level calibration.
Functions incorporated in the OV7431 CameraChip(TM) include automatic gain control (AGC), automatic exposure control (AEC), gamma correction, automatic level control (ALC) and automatic black level calibration.
It can be combined in synergy with other means of dose reduction, such as spectral optimization and automatic exposure control.
Depending on the brightness of the scene, the raw data can be adjusted by the digital gain for all pixels, using the built-in automatic exposure control circuit, or it can be adjusted separately for the four Bayer pattern pixels manually by an external controller.

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