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use of a machine designed to follow a predetermined sequence of individual operations repeatedly and automatically.


An automatically controlled operation of an apparatus or system by mechanical or electronic devices that take the place of human elements of observation, effort, and decision making.

laboratory automation

The use of clinical laboratory instruments that assay large numbers of samples with minimal human intervention.


n the use of a machine designed to follow repeatedly and automatically a predetermined sequence of individual operations. Automation is used extensively in preparing tissue for microscopic examination.
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In contrast, Invio provides an enterprise application that automates the entire end-to-end process according to your best practices -- interacting with system components and management tools to deliver services across your networked storage infrastructure, all the way to your applications.
Invio automates processes that link applications with storage services to make this possible.
With patented document delivery automation software (Esker DeliveryWare) and hosted document delivery services (FlyDoc), Esker offers a total solution to automate every phase and every type of business information exchange.
Esker DeliveryWare successfully automates several business document management processes eliminating low value-added tasks
Movaris OneClose is the industry's only application suite that automates and unifies enterprise-wide account reconciliations, SOX compliance, and financial close tasks with a company's financial statements, creating an auditable, transparent system of record for these activities.
Movaris OneClose is the industry's only application suite that automates and unifies these processes with a company's financial statements, creating a new auditable, transparent system of record.
Movaris, the software company that automates and unifies account reconciliations, SOX compliance, financial close and financial reporting processes, today announced the availability of New Strategies to Create Significant ROI in the Office of Finance, a study published by Robert Frances Group.
is the expert provider of enterprise software used to integrate and automate routine IT operational processes and achieve an automated data center by integrating diverse systems management tools and by rapidly orchestrating operational processes to reduce the risks and delays associated with human intervention.
We are thrilled to be recognized by end-user customers for our efforts to automate those routine tasks and make day-to-day IT operations run more smoothly," said Dustin Snell, CEO at Network Automation.