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Relating to autohypnosis.


(ot?o-hip-no'sis) (-no'sez) plural.autohypnoses [ auto- + hypnosis] Self-induced hypnotism.autohypnotic (-not'ik), adjective
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Like that of all true hustlers, his patter is largely autohypnotic, meant to beguile his own ear before any other.
Perhaps it is the monotony induced by the actual behavior of D'lo which triggers Will's autohypnotic state; if so, it is accompanied by a "whiteness" that could result from the other classic inducement to hypnosis, the concentration on the "shiny object" (Fliess, p.
However, the clinical reality is that DID patients' autohypnotic efforts, often directed toward maintaining their dissociative adaptations, are far more potent than the heterohypnotic interventions the clinician can bring to bear.
It never goes out, this entrepreneurial, autohypnotic, vigorously secular voice, something between a hustle and a prayer.