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1. reinfusion of a patient's own blood; see autologous transfusion.
2. in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as collecting and reinfusing blood which has been lost intraoperatively or postoperatively from clean wounds.


An unproven mode of alternative therapy in which a quantity of the patient's blood is withdrawn and either reinjected intramuscularly at once or reinfused intravenously after being treated with UV radiation, ozone, or some other agent.
[auto- + hemo- + therapy]


/au·to·he·mo·ther·a·py/ (-he″mo-ther´ah-pe) treatment using an autotransfusion.


A form of ozone therapy in which a small quantity of the patient's blood is withdrawn, treated with a mixture of ozone and oxygen, and reinfused into the patient.
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treatment by reinjection of the animal's own blood.
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The preliminary research using autohemotherapy with ozone is intriguing and will need to be repeated more carefully in larger populations before it can be seen as equivalent in effect to standard therapies.
One particular modality employed with both groups of patients is the administration of ozone autohemotherapy.
If autoimmune is diagnosed with ART, correct with autohemotherapy.
A complete Oxygen/Ozone Therapy course from theory to practical application: (i) Ozone Therapy--biochemistry, immunology, physiology, autohemotherapy, intestinal insufflation, and all protocols (ii) Prolozone Therapy--ozone injections for back & neck pain, herniated discs, degenerative joints, sciatica, rotator cuff, and more protocols (iii) Ultraviolet Therapy protocols (iv) Energy and Disease--a complete rationale for using ozone and oxygen.