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, autogenic (aw'tō-jĕ-net'ik, jen'ik),
Relating to autogenesis.
Synonym(s): autogenous (1)


(ot-o-jen'e-sis) [ auto- + genesis]
Self-generation. Synonym: abiogenesis
autogenetic (-je-net'ik), adjective
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Then there is a question: is Kademlia really suitable to build an autogenetic botnet in large scale?
As Reitter points out, in Kraus's view these ideals "equate linguistic mastery with achieving a phallic authority over language, as well as with autogenetic originality.
This image, which may refer to the "Opening of the Mouth" ritual in ancient Egypt, is that of a mouth which is devoid of its crucial characteristics, as it "has no moisture and no breath"--like a mouth of a mummy--, and which, as it may summon "breathless mouths" (14), appears to have been conjured up by a member of its own kind--which, in other words, is described as autogenetic.