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Relating to or characterized by autogamy.
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The crops are predominantly autogamous and/or selection against intermediate or weedy forms prohibit the existence of important "hybrid" swarms.
Considering pollination mode, species with mixed or unspecific pollination and autogamous species had significantly larger ranges than did species with the other three pollination modes, which did not differ significantly from each other (Fig.
We also suspect that much of the remaining 44% of the flora for which pollination is unkn own is likely to be wind pollinated or autogamous (or both).
Lotus japonicus, an autogamous, diploid legume species for classical and molecular genetics.
The subalpine, alpine, and nival species are autogamous, with usually white, tubular or funnelform corollas that are glabrous and shorter-lobed and have short erect filaments, causing close proximity of anthers and stigma (Garnock-Jones, 1976).