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Exercising unlimited authority or control over the actions of a group.
[G. autokratēs, ruling absolutely, fr. autos self, + krateō, to rule]
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The autocratic leader has centralized power and he takes decisions himself.
A shortlist of highly respected, centralised and autocratic leaders includes the likes of Ralph Lauren, John Chambers, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, the Carnegies, the Rockefellers, the Vanderbilts, and nearly every leader whose actions led to great results.
Call him autocratic but we enjoyed peace and stability during his era.
That leaves Brigadier Gerard Stakes winner AUTOCRATIC, who looks a typical Sir Michael Stoute improver.
For instance, Hastie (1995) found that young female athletes preferred a coach that exhibited less autocratic and more positive feedback behavior compared to boys, whereas Sherman et al.
However, autocratic leader is unable to stimulate the feelings of helping others due to its task-oriented nature.
More fundamentally, Salman's defeat by a European does not indicate a break in FIFA's long-standing instinctive preference for autocratic, non-transparent, or unaccountable structures.
Salman, however, would have stood out as a symbol of the perpetuation of FIFA as a pillar of autocratic rule, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa where soccer is an important tool in the maintenance of dictatorships and efforts by states to project themselves on the international stage in a more positive light.
I never believed that America could have fundamentally changed the autocratic trends in Turkey over the past few years.
I find strong support for the argument that both democratic and autocratic experience are positively associated with larger changes in EFWI.
Sir Albert is an autocratic boss SIR Albert Bore, who holds the stewardship of Birmingham City Council, promises the council will be more 'humble' and less arrogant in his 20-page plan for a Government-appointed improvement panel (Mail, February 17).
But if you are going to be somewhere a long time, you can't just be autocratic.