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An instrument capable of conducting analyses automatically; commonly used in chemical analyses.
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Serum LDH, creatinine and BUN levels were measured by an autoanalyzer (Access Random Liasys) using a kit (PARS-AZMON).
Serum and urine creatinine concentrations were measured by the alkaline picric acid method using an autoanalyzer.
Fasting plasma glucose (FPG), triglyceride, HDL, and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels were measured using commercially available assay kits (Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Mannheim, Germany) with an autoanalyzer (cobas 501 Roche-Hitachi, Germany).
But starting in the early 1950s with the AutoAnalyzer designed by Leonard Skeggs and the "Robot Chemist" invented by Hans Baruch, this first wave of automation began, which has led to the high-throughput, automated instruments we see in the core lab today.
All these parameters were measured by autoanalyzer in the Department of Biochemistry, Calcutta National Medical College, Kolkata-14.
Eight hundred consecutive serum specimens received in the laboratory with a request for calcium estimation were analyzed for calcium and albumin in Erba XL 640 AutoAnalyzer by Arsenazo III method for calcium and bromocresol green in succinic acid buffer at pH 4.
The collected blood samples from patients and healthy control group were studied in the biochemistry autoanalyzer which works based on spectrophotometer.
Serum C3 levels were measured using a turbidimetric immunoassay in an Architect c8ooo autoanalyzer (Abbott, Lake Bluff, IL, USA).
Twenty-four hour urinary levels of calcium and phosphate were also estimated in an autoanalyzer using reagent kits.
Serum HDL, total cholesterol, and TG were analyzed in autoanalyzer Cobas 6000.
Serum HDL levels were measured using commercial kits in the autoanalyzer.
PON was studied in the Abbott Architect[R] c16000 autoanalyzer by using RL0031 Rel Assay[R] Diagnostics Paraoxonase (Gaziantep, turkey) kit.