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authentic movement,

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Simultaneously, the world of jewellery is not completely disconnected from the authentic movement.
The AAM has always been a ground-breaker in the authentic movement and have grown to become a joy to listen to.
Archibald's work is guided by instinctive behavior and explores how truthful emotional movement triggers authentic movement reflexes in dance.
It has carbon fibre, black steel fragments from Apollo 11 and black PVD coated steel with authentic movement parts and hand engraved Roswell elements.
It is an indigenous, authentic movement, submitted Alhomayed, that goes back to 2000 when Assad inherited power from his father, Hafez.
Though not a certified practitioner, Dickinson uses Authentic Movement to help students discover unknowns.
An intimate piece derived from the practice of Authentic Movement, the cast of six progresses from discord to harmony and explores interconnectedness between dancers.
Tortora describes the model she developed called Ways of Seeing, how it is used with the Authentic Movement program and Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) observation system, and how to implement it.
This 12-inch radio-controlled Dalek has authentic movement with 360 degree travel and flashing lights.
Yet that in itself is a sign that it is authentic movement and not an illusion.
34) The Federation of American Scientists has established a project on the arms trade which has attracted some limited support from traditional peace groups, as has the Demilitarization for Democracy project, yet these efforts fall far short of constituting an authentic movement.