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See aural.


Related to the ear or sense of hearing.
Related to the ear or sense of hearing.
[L. auris, ear]


(or′ăl) [L. auris, the ear]
1. Pert. to the ear.
2. Pert. to an aura.
aurally (ă-lē)
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Adding Java Media APIs to the Linux arsenal gives developers an exciting new platform for exploring a wide range of visually and aurally engaging media -- from 3D, to multimedia, to sound," says Steve Byrne, Linux Blackdown Porting Team Leader.
The auditory interface, one in which your computer listens to your commands, responds to them aurally and carries out the tasks you tell it to, will smooth out human-machine interaction to the point where the computer disappears completely and the interaction becomes transparent.
Safety Suite "consists of two words" and SAFETY OFFICE SUITE "consists of three words, which is both visually and aurally different.
In the company of such luminaries as drummer Terry Bozzio and guitarist Warren Cuccurrullo (both from Zappa and Missing Persons camp) and keyboardist Michael Wolff ("Arsenio Hall Show"), O'Hearn creates sonic landscapes that aurally complement this adventure set in New Mexico.
com, the epicenter of cutting-edge downloadable music for the aurally fixated, is the Web's first editorial MP3 site.
With music ranging from Norwegian jazz folk, to laptop-electric hardcore, to scuzzy funk rock, the festival is as much an attraction for the aurally curious as for the well initiated.
If we are both aurally challenged, you know what's going to happen.
It requires that the musicians involved become aurally aware on levels not always as obvious when playing solo repertoire.
Aurally, the compilers of Ohm opted for the more predictable--but far more pleasant--strategy of associated sounds across tracks, rather than the shock of disjunction.
High-revving, responsive, grunty, aurally addictive .
The boys have often spoken of their reluctance to play live as their music is so technology-focused it doesn't give them much time to jump around but an elaborate light show played patterns on the audience and swathed the pair in technicolour, making the gig as wonderful visually as it was aurally.
Aurally the most obvious reference for their rasping psychedelic rock is The Jesus & Mary Chain and they are the latest in an endless line of bands who, morally at least, owe image royalties to Velvet Underground.