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au·dit·ing pro·cess

(awdit-ing proses)
Review of billing and health records to determine coding and billing accuracy.
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One factor that could have caused rural hospitals to look relatively productive in terms of audit recoveries during the program is that while urban hospitals have made some improvements in their billing practices based upon our activities during the pilot phase, rural hospitals did not have an opportunity to adjust to our audit program until we expanded statewide.
The Residential Energy Audit Program provides incentives for companies using qualified Auditors to perform the energy audits and should lower consumer audit costs.
In 1999 when the audit program really took off, I saw more improvements than I'd seen in the previous 25 years.
Rob Somers, Director EHS Management Systems & Transactions, Tyco International, will share with you how he has dealt with the challenge of optimizing an international corporate audit program, the tools and systems he selected for this, and lessons learned from this challenge.
May 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Today GeoPraxis announced that their EnergyCheckup(TM) webservice for time-of-sale energy ratings has been recognized by three separate studies as one of the most innovative and cost effective residential energy audit programs in the nation.
As part of the oversight process, the MTC Audit Committee selects audits to be conducted by the MTC Audit Program.
Harrington will be responsible for the design and implementation of Raytheon's worldwide internal audit program.
A 1993 General Accounting Office report criticized the reliance on self-regulation in the tax-exempt finance industry and recommended that the IRS institute a more active audit program.
The preparatory phase is over, and the firms are beginning pilot audits that will lead to a final audit program covering all relevant Swiss banks.
We believe that the TCMP is an essential element in the Internal Revenue Service's audit program and should be continued.
TAG's Options Audit program was designed to assist in meeting this obligation.
However, the reader should note that no attempt was made to address the nuances of each individual taxpayer or tax authority audit program.