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After adjusting for differences in demographics, the data support the finding that BSSHL is a relatively rare subtype of SSHL with more descending audiograms, inferior hearing outcomes, less chances of comorbid dyslipidemia, higher rates of preceding viral infections, and a lower level of immune markers, rather than a completely different disease entity compared to USSHL.
The rate of audiometric response on the pure-tone audiogram was higher in the AIT group than in the ANT group (57.
The date on which each audiogram was completed is recorded on DD 2215 and DD 2216.
The final sample included 1,413,789 audiograms for workers employed by 25,908 U.
The test results were displayed in a typical audiogram format, indicating pure tone air conduction hearing sensitivities.
Audiograms are useful, particularly when serial tests are performed, to document the low frequency and fluctuating hearing loss over time.
The study's main finding is that although the teachers regarded themselves as being at low risk from their music-related noise exposure, the audiograms from 13 of 27 participants showed hearing loss.
Also included are two objective test methods for identifying outer hair cell changes and predicting audiogram changes using distortion-product otoacoustic emissions (DPOAEs).
The best measure of your hearing is an audiogram, which measures the ability to detect sounds at various frequencies.
Initially, 76% reported excellent or good hearing, but after formal audiogram hearing tests, her team found that 42% of those workers actually had measurable hearing loss.
In pure tone audiogram there was mild conductive type of hearing loss.
The acoustic threshold measured 1 hour after acoustic trauma was elevated in the control group to 70-90 dB in the higher frequencies of the compound action potential audiogram, with a maximum threshold elevation ranging between 12 and 16 kHz.