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attics (aˑ·tiks),

n the sinus passages connected to the nose where cool air is warmed and filtered.
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Since we heat our homes in the winter, this warm air wants to rise to the top of the house, often leaking out through small holes into the attic.
British Gas is urging people to clear attics and add a minimum of 250mm of insulation.
Most new homes have attic vents to improve air circulation and reduce condensation.
Fiberglass is officially designated as "possibly carcinogenic" and carries government-mandated warning labels, but that doesn't mean you should rush up to your attic and start pulling out panels that are now residing safely behind sheetrock or plaster.
Unique NonSlip Platform Makes Working in the Attic Safer
Poor attic ventilation can cause a roof to wear faster, and hail storms can leave even a new roof damaged.
In field experiments, radiant barriers installed in attics with R-l 1 (1.
ALIENS In The Attic is set to be this summer's smash hit when it opens on Wednesday and we've got a FREE goodie bag packed with super merchandise to get you in the mood for all the fun.
America's homeowners can easily and affordably eliminate household clutter with the introduction of Attic Trac Plus[TM], the first innovative patented storage system designed specifically for attics and other hard to reach storage spaces.
The fan uses no electricity and lowers energy cost in the summer by expelling hot air from home attics, and pulling cooler air in from the outside.
For most homeowners this means adding between an R-19 and R-30 insulation to their attics in order to qualify for the tax credit and increase their comfort and savings.
A significant amount of a home's struggle to remain cool is through under-insulated attics, but it's simple to determine if you have enough, and it's easy to add more if you don't," says Gale Tedhams, director of sustainability for Owens Corning.