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Everyone says they want more positive news, but we know from decades of data that you pay attention only when there's controversy, uncertainty or tragedy.
It seems undeniable that this attention to attention has powered the commercialization of the Net, and that the commercial entities capturing and reselling our attention have become central to our experience of the Net.
Itti and Koch [1-3] established for the first time a bottom-up (B-U) visual attention model focused on light intensity, color, and orientation features.
In both instances, the value of genuine attention was experienced.
The reduction in attention is due to a combination of increased usage of smartphones and a flood of content.
In a well-researched look at advertising and consumer attention, Faris Yakob discusses the new world of infinite content, the attention market, and strategies for achieving successful advertising results.
Our only attention competitors back then were work, the other credit union magazine and a friendly co-worker.
If two people were in a room with potato chips on the table, the person with attentional bias would be paying attention to, maybe looking at, the chips and the person without the bias would not really notice or pay attention to them," Kerri Boutelle, PhD, professor of pediatrics and psychiatry at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, said.
Although several studies have shown that acupuncture improves consciousness, the precise impact of both acupuncture and painful stimulation on attention is unclear.
In this research, we present the subjects' results in the initial evaluation, respectively in the attention tests: the Prague test--for the distributed attention, and the Toulouse-Pieron test--for the concentrated attention.
Your attention level is tied up with your energy level.
Teachers must be prepared to deal with disruptive behaviors that signal when attention has waned.