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Other features include a soft atraumatic tip and a color-coded hub to facilitate quicker French size identification.
She covers women's health throughout the lifespan, pregnancy, labor and birth, the postpartum period, the newborn, childbearing at risk, and the newborn at risk, omitting the chapters on child health promotion, atraumatic care, child health supervision and assessment, caring for children in diverse settings and special needs children, pediatric nursing interventions, pain management, and management of children's health disorders in this version.
During the 1980s, the Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (ART) was developed in Tanzania and incorporated in clinical practice during the early 1990s.
It is inserted endoscopically with the patented atraumatic Blom-Singer[R] gel cap insertion system or through an external incision and frontal sinus fenestration.
The three products that Asalus is developing are: A smoke and steam clearance device that represents a new way in which electrosurgical smoke is removed from both minimal access and open surgical procedures; an access port that will provide significant benefits over those currently on the market, and a multi-functional device for the atraumatic manipulation of tissues and organs.
When access is required to the uterus to investigate pathology via a hysteroscope, cervical dilatation is desirable to allow the atraumatic passage of a 10 mm diameter operating instrument.
It is critical for the guiding catheter to be atraumatic and flexible within the distant and smaller target vessel -- yet provide stable and firm support in the larger vessels where the device enters the body.
Four clinical cases walk through the basic surgical protocols for horizontal ridge and vertical ridge augmentation, reconstruction of bone loss through the sinus cavity, and ultrasonic-assisted atraumatic tooth extraction.
The retractor is engineered to provide 360-degree atraumatic retraction that distributes force evenly to minimize point trauma.
RESULTS: There were 39 men who sustained an atraumatic hip fracture over follow-up.
Will the Bhoys romp to a fourth successive championship under boss Gordon Strachan or can Walter Smith's Rangers recover from atraumatic conclusion to last season to go one better than last term?
WASHINGTON -- Atraumatic knee pain, especially on the outside of the knee, is a common complaint in primary care offices, and although its mechanisms are poorly understood, the pain is real, even in those lacking clinical symptoms such as redness or swelling.