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Pertaining to atomism or atomistic psychology.
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g] of the copolymer VB was determined from the averages obtained using atomistically detailed molecular dynamics simulations, (7) which were performed using the Materials Studio (MS) suite of the company Accelrys.
As evaluation is not only expressed atomistically (in terms of individual lexical items), but also in a more diffused way (see Hunston and Thompson 2000), it is arguably difficult to offer reliable quantitative findings, especially on account of the rather small size of the sample available.
It can be easily understood if we see in it a concordance of the abstract mathematics with the concrete atomistically comprehended nature, a concordance which should justify the applicability of mathematics.
We assume that agents behave atomistically, neglecting the impact of their investment on aggregate income and total tax revenue.
Accordingly only two points of view can possibly pertain to the ethical life, namely that we assume its substantiality and proceed from there, or else deal with it atomistically, building up from a base of particulars.
JOHN KENNETH GALBRAITH To cease looking at things atomistically in visual experience and to see relatedness means, among other things, to lose in our social experience .
Abhorring a vacuum, he is a unique force of nature impelling others to "make room / Where greater spirits come" (43-44), since only he can atomistically expand their liberty and power.
To be sure, bond rating was never going to become an atomistically competitive industry.
However, if we follow our guiding principle of internal hermeneutics not to take one analect as atomistically discrete from another, then our previous discussion of 3.
In this light, firm conduct is interdependent; it is better understood systematically than atomistically.
Thus, where both Habermas and Newton break from their foundations in Marxist-inspired conflict-theory, is the view that this process is not atomistically individual or asocial (coming to the vulgar Marxist recapitulation of the "end of history" that is intended to transcend ideology and culture for the liberation of the subject).
They do so by observing market prices set by private economic agents acting atomistically in markets.