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/at·mos·pher·ic/ (at″mos-fer´ik) of or pertaining to the atmosphere.


(at′mŏs-fēr″) [Gr. atmos, vapor + sphere]
1. The gases surrounding the earth.
2. Climatic condition of a locality.
3. In physics, the pressure of the air on the earth at mean sea level, approx. 14.7 lb/sq in (101,325 pascals or 760 torr).
4. In chemistry, any gaseous medium around a body. atmospheric (at″mŏs-fēr′ik), adjective

standard atmosphere

The pressure of air at sea level when the temperature is 0°C (32°F). This is equal to 14.7 lb/sq in., or 760 torr, or 101,325 pascals.


of or pertaining to the atmosphere.

atmospheric pressure
see atmospheric pressure.
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GOOD POINTS: Atmospherically and stylishly shot, it has quite a few good lines, laugh-out-loud moments and a strong cast, particularly in Irons and Thompson.
And the milonga (a place where tango is danced) in question is atmospherically realised by set designer Morgan Large in Midnight Tango, the pair's Argentine tango dance showcase in Liverpool as part of a UK tour.
Pera Soho Debuts as Melange of Traditional & Modern, Gastronomically & Atmospherically
This Is Our Lot is lyrically and atmospherically entrancing, then, as Hooting and Howling starts, a smile cracks Thorpe's face, as if he's welcoming an old friend, unleashing his otherworldly falsetto.
Visitors will enjoy Clare Hinze's impressionistic work Moody Landscape and Upper Kentmere, which is also atmospherically painted, with a fine cloudscape.
Right, a view of Rhyl Harbour in the 1980s, with the fairground as a prominent feature Above, happy youngsters enjoy the late August Bank Holiday in the promenade paddling pool, Rhyl, in 1990; Left, Rhyl Promenade and Pavilion on an atmospherically gloomy evening in November 1949; below, children's entertainers Andy and Poppy, pictured here with young helpers Simon and Jorge, were among the attractions at the opening of Rhyl's Events Arena in June 1994
Compositionally and atmospherically, the work recalls Petrus Christus's Portrait of a Lady, ca.
A real page turner, with one reviewer describing it as 'an involving narrative, a sharply observed cast and an atmospherically evoked and unusual setting'.
The space is candle-lit and atmospherically done out in dark reds and plum sofa seating.
Additionally, we're not generating new carbon dioxide, merely using what's available atmospherically, which lessens the impact still further.
Richard Bradshaw conducted the Canadian Opera Company's successful new production of Debussy's Pelleas et Melisande, designed by Dany Lyne in a thoroughly non-naturalistic manner, framed by shadowy abstract expressionist scrims atmospherically lit by Paul Mathiesen.
Damon's astonishingly agile performance is supported by cream of the crop co-stars Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law, Cate Blanchett and Philip Seymour Hoffman; the atmospherically acute direction of ``The English Patient's'' Anthony Minghella, lots of smokin' '50s jazz; and, of course, Italian scenery to die for .