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/at·mos·pher·ic/ (at″mos-fer´ik) of or pertaining to the atmosphere.


(at′mŏs-fēr″) [Gr. atmos, vapor + sphere]
1. The gases surrounding the earth.
2. Climatic condition of a locality.
3. In physics, the pressure of the air on the earth at mean sea level, approx. 14.7 lb/sq in (101,325 pascals or 760 torr).
4. In chemistry, any gaseous medium around a body. atmospheric (at″mŏs-fēr′ik), adjective

standard atmosphere

The pressure of air at sea level when the temperature is 0°C (32°F). This is equal to 14.7 lb/sq in., or 760 torr, or 101,325 pascals.


of or pertaining to the atmosphere.

atmospheric pressure
see atmospheric pressure.
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The venue is the Union Theatre in the Southwark neighborhood of London, which manages to be atmospherically cavernous while fitting only 50 spectators at a time.
The atmospherically rich outdoor venue in Malibu actually has no curtain.
These common pollutants often enter the stream through inputs of sewage or lawn and farm fertilizer, and both may also be deposited atmospherically, Mulholland's study indicated a much lower level of nitrate and dissolved phosphorus during the autumn and spring as a result of uptake by organisms within the stream.
According to NAFA, the EPA regulation leads to an improper balance between nitrogen oxide (NOx) and volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, which atmospherically react in the presence of sunlight to create ground-level ozone.
Each scene was radiometrically and atmospherically corrected using the cosine of sun angle and dark object subtraction method of Chavez (1996), or normalized with the multiple-date empirical radiometric normalization method described by Jensen (1996).
New washers have atmospherically closed designs to avoid generating exhaust gases like those of older "open" washers--vacuum washers--according to Janne Vehmaa, fiberline research and direction manager, Andritz Oy.
Anyway, the Concierto, which is a second Philips recording from the same crew, is done up crisply and cleanly and atmospherically and makes a good, recommendable first choice for this work, just as its predecessor did (and still does).
The atmospherically vented oceanographic cable assembly exits through a 1/2-14 NPT threaded conduit connection that allows mechanical or chemical protection tubing or pipe to be threaded on over the cable.
Prior to bioconcentration and biomagnification in higher trophic levels, atmospherically deposited inorganic divalent mercury (HgII) must be transformed, via anaerobically mediated microbial processes, to (C[H.
An introduction efficiently and atmospherically sets the writing within its cultural and social context.
Eventually, the technology found its way into astronomy, where it can overcome the atmospherically induced twinkling and blurring that afflict images of stars (SN: 6/8/91, p.
If you can do it atmospherically, you're not going to look at a vacuum dryer," says Craig Platter, product manager for dryers and flakers at Buffalo Technologies Corp.