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/at·mos·pher·ic/ (at″mos-fer´ik) of or pertaining to the atmosphere.


(at′mŏs-fēr″) [Gr. atmos, vapor + sphere]
1. The gases surrounding the earth.
2. Climatic condition of a locality.
3. In physics, the pressure of the air on the earth at mean sea level, approx. 14.7 lb/sq in (101,325 pascals or 760 torr).
4. In chemistry, any gaseous medium around a body. atmospheric (at″mŏs-fēr′ik), adjective

standard atmosphere

The pressure of air at sea level when the temperature is 0°C (32°F). This is equal to 14.7 lb/sq in., or 760 torr, or 101,325 pascals.


of or pertaining to the atmosphere.

atmospheric pressure
see atmospheric pressure.
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For the first time, we have clearly seen an observed increase in the intensity of atmospheric river activity hitting the West Coast of North America, and that's a trend that is evident over the entire period of record," says lead author Alexander Gershunov of the University of California--San Diego.
The study authors found that globally, precipitation from atmospheric rivers contributes 22 percent of the total water that flows across Earths land surfaces.
It wasn't one or two particularly heavy atmospheric river storms that pulled California out of a drought, increased snowpack and (http://ibtimes.
8221; In addition, Atmospheric Water Solutions (AWS) will be exhibiting its full range of atmospheric water generators.
Guan said that atmospheric rivers are the bridge between climate and West Coast snow and if scientists can predict these atmospheric patterns with reasonable lead times, they'll have a better understanding of water availability and flooding in the region.
The program is part of the National Center for Atmospheric Sciences and UW Supercomputing Center partnership.
OB) reported on Friday details about another critical component in its Harmony III atmospheric energy system.
Scientists (and San Francisco) managed to escape December's atmospheric river without such harm, but the storm dumped more than 10 feet of snow in parts of the Sierra Nevada, putting the mountains on track for their wettest recorded season.
An atmospheric scientist studies the atmosphere, or the protective layer of gases surrounding Earth.
Enercon's Tangential Plasma3 model is said to be the first atmospheric plasma treater configured for sheet, which is difficult for most corona treaters to treat uniformly.
Maryland FoodNet supplied case data; population estimates were acquired from the Maryland Department of Planning State Data Center; and meteorologic data for Baltimore Washington International airport ([approximately equal to] 10 miles from the city center) were obtained from the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration (4).

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