Relating to the atlas and the occipital bone.
Synonym(s): atlo-occipital


/at·lan·to·oc·cip·i·tal/ (-ok-sip´ĭ-t'l) pertaining to the atlas and the occiput.


, atlantooccipital (ăt-lan″tō-ok-sip′tĭ-ăl) [ atlanto- + occipital]
Pert. to the atlas and the occipital bones.
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As in rheumatoid arthritis, atlantoaxial joint subluxation, atlantooccipital subluxation and upward subluxation of the axis may occur in AS as a consequence of instability resulting from the inflammatory process.
Atlantooccipital dislocation: Part 1-normal occipital condyle-C1 interval in 89 children.
Atlantooccipital dislocation-part 2: The clinical use of (occipital) condyle-C1 interval, comparison with other diagnostic methods, and the manifestation, management, and outcome of atlanto-occipital dislocation in children.
There are numerous synovial joints, including the atlantooccipital, atlantoaxial, and facet (apophyseal) joints.
Single dose groups received intrathecally through the atlantooccipital membrane 0.
Following elective tracheotomy, the patient was kept in the supine position with the atlantooccipital joint extended.