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Athletic Trainers, whether onsite or clinically, can help determine which injuries can be treated by an athletic trainer, which require a sports medicine physician or which require a trip to an urgent care facility and even a trip to an emergency room.
Michael DeVries, a certified athletic trainer at Schaumburg High School, was named the regional nominee for the 2018 Newell National Athletic Trainer of the Year Award.
I was embarrassed we were last," says Chris Mathewson, head athletic trainer at Ponderosa High School in Parker, Colorado, speaking of his state's showing in the study's ranking of state safety efforts.
is the Assistant Athletic Trainer with the Kansas City Chiefs.
Jonathan Drezner, director of the Center for Sports Cardiology at the University of Washington, Seattle, said that the collaborative hopes that eventually every high school in the country will have an athletic trainer at every practice and game; an emergency action plan to respond appropriately to an athlete in distress; a publicly accessible automated external defibrillator (AED) and a school-based program in its use; and climatization policies to prevent heat injury and heat stroke.
However, there are alternate tools an athletic trainer may use to determine the likelihood a concussion was sustained.
William Prieto, biology educator and athletic trainer in Pennsylvania's Chambersburg Area School District, says he used to see one to four cases a year, and now he's seeing that per season.
Subjects: Physically Active Population, Systemic Disease, Evaluation, Treatment, Athletic Trainer.
New to this expanded seventh edition is an extensively revised and rewritten chapter on 'The Law of Sports Injury', which includes new material on the ethics of sports-injury care and the role of the athletic trainer in risk assessment and liability; a chapter on 'Sports-Injury Prevention' providing new material on training benefits of anaerobic fitness; a chapter featuring an 'Emergency Plan and Initial Injury Evaluation' which includes an expanded section on the assessment of the injured athlete's physical exam that urges coaches to collect as much information about the injury, as well as the health history of the athlete.
Tikrit / NINA / An athletic trainer was killed and his son was injured in a roadside bomb explosion east of Tikrit.
A Willamette High School athletic trainer was arrested Thursday in connection with an allegation of sexual abuse of a student at the school.
Ost, a physical therapist and athletic trainer, and coauthors Manfre and Lew present a review guide for athletic training students preparing for the Board of Certification exam.