athletic amenorrhea

ath·let·ic a·men·or·rhe·a

(ath-let'ik ā-men'ŏr-ē'ă)
Irregularities in the menstrual cycle presenting as either oligomenorrhea (35-90 days between menses) or secondary amenorrhea (cessation of menstrual cycles for at least 3 months) caused by intense athletic training or disordered eating behavior.
See also: female athletic triad
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Now researchers have shown that the cause of athletic amenorrhea (lack of menstruation) is probably a negative energy balance caused by increasing exercise without increasing food intake.
Premature cardiovascular disease can be added to the list of adverse results stemming from athletic amenorrhea, Dr.
The chain reaction of hormone imbalances brought on by athletic amenorrhea often results in early menopause, and one result of that is a higher risk of heart disease, said Dr.