ataxic breathing

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Bi·ot res·pi·ra·tion

completely irregular breathing pattern, with continually variable rate and depth of breathing; results from lesions in the respiratory centers in the brainstem, extending from the dorsomedial medulla caudally to the obex.

ataxic breathing

a type of breathing associated with a lesion in the medullary respiratory center and characterized by a series of inspirations and expirations. See also Biot's respiration.

ataxic breathing

An irregular, uncoordinated breathing pattern common in infants.
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Camille, French physician, 1878–.
Biot breathing - Synonym(s): Biot respiration
Biot breathing sign - irregular periods of apnea alternating with four or five deep breaths, seen with increased intracranial pressure.
Biot respiration - abrupt, irregular alternating periods of apnea with constant rate and depth of breathing, as that resulting from lesions due to increased intracranial pressure. Synonym(s): ataxic breathing; Biot breathing; respiratory ataxia