asthi (äs·thē),

n in Ayurveda, bone as a fundamental tissue (dhatu). See also dhatus.
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Tenders are invited for Construction of concrete road at asthi villge in chandri gp under jhargram panchayat samity
The seven dhatus are rasa (plasma), rakta (blood), mansa (muscles), meda (fat), asthi (bone), majja (bone marrow) and shukra (reproductive fluid).
That was when the BJP first took out asthi kalash yatras of people killed in police firing during the Ram Temple movement at Ayodhya; the experiment it repeated late last year in Bihar in remembrance of those killed in blasts at Modi's Patna rally.
While Patel completed the last lag of India's unity as a nation, BJP combine's Asthi Kalsh Yatra has meanwhile taken further the techniques which are divisive, and are an attack on the values of Fraternity ingrained in the Constitution.
Immersing their ashes in river Ganga towards the end of its controversial ' Asthi Kalash Yatra' in Patna, the party leaders sought to emphasise that the yatra had been taken out to call for a united fight against the scourge of terrorism, and not for extracting any political mileage.
Also speaking at the Arena, Natural Resources Minister of the regional government in north of Iraq, Asthi Hawrami said that "since 2008, we have been exporting oil from the region".
However, the striped jacket suits and can enable him to nip round the first ahead of in-form Hi Asthi and keep one step ahead of his rivals throughout.
The state BJP's Asthi Kalash Yatra during which it proposes to immerse the ashes of the six victims of Sunday's serial blasts into the river Ganga has also irked Nitish.
Shukla further accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of indulging in vote bank politics by carrying out Asthi Kalash Yatra for Patna blast victims, and added that they are playing with the sentiments of the people.
Tender notice number : Aran Asthi Palkhi Marg ODR 141 Madha ID:2017_SOLAP_228561_1