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When the MC-130s turned final, they reported three miles astern to Reagan's pri-fly, who did not have them in sight and cleared them to continue inbound.
Hmay's ship, a reconditioned World War I four-stack destroyer, opened fire on a German plane whose torpedo went astern after the ship made a hard turn, its guns blazing at the airplane.
So, to purloin a nautical expression: it's full astern for 2008
Shortly after this, we proceeded out at nine knots astern of Hilary followed by two-dozen landing craft with Canadian assault troops.
Through the banks of fog racing ploughed on, although that looked unlikely when the riders in the first race came back reporting conditions unraceable as they came home line astern behind Express Wish.
The LCAC emerges astern, turns east and races toward the beach.
Going full speed astern at 19 knots, she is faster than many cruise ships can sail forwards
After the firing runs, the aircraft were to proceed to a point 10 miles astern of the ship to rendezvous for a formation flyover.
A mid-course correction ensures that Cougar always attacks from astern, which means a slower closing speed is needed.
Leaving the green and going down out through the gatehouse, you turn back and look at the grey zinc roofs of what at first evokes a strange notion of the Grand Fleet with two squadrons of Dreadnoughts sailing in line astern to make a pincer movement on the Kriegsmarine.
VW BEETLE CABRIOLET: Pays homage to the hippy-must-have original both in the availability of three colours from the 1969 chart - blue, orange and, er, hearing-aid beige - and the placement of the collapsed hood in mid-air astern like a Harrier jump jet launch-pad.
But soon, performing a visual diminuendo, they drift well astern, a distant nebula of glittering pinpoints at the planet's indistinguishable edge.