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According to the company, the process to recruit a new vice president Assortment and Design has begun.
Right now, the timeline of assortment development allows for resetting an entire store within four years.
That gets you a list of several grommet assortments, including a set of 125 grommets of varying sizes for around $12.
Ho Ho Holiday Classic Assortment featuring milk and dark chocolate cherries as well as milk chocolate Honey Pecans.
Walmart's reputation was founded on the principle of providing low prices day in and day out on the broadest assortment of merchandise," said chief merchandising officer Duncan Mac Naughton.
Be Objective: Retailers are quick to notice when their vendors don't approach assortment optimization in an objective manner.
In many cases, strategically reducing assortment can result in an improved customer experience and greater profitability.
The Macy's holiday table linen assortment occupies a significant amount of space on the selling floor.
In this application, the problem is to select and price an optimal assortment of backpacks from a candidate field of 8 available items.
The assortment package offers the consumer the option of trying additional tea styles, without worrying about making a mistake and squandering an entire purchase.
These merchants have successfully developed a following of their own and can make decisions regarding assortment, pricing and location--independent of competitors.
BOSTON -- Upstream Commerce today unveiled the latest tool in its Retail Intelligence Suite -- Assortment Intelligence -- a powerful tool allowing retailers to track assortment changes at competitors' websites in real-time, and adjust their own product-mix accordingly.